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Snodager Cream and Gold Snodager Lemon and White Snodager Orange and Gold Snodager Red and White Snodager Rose and Salmon
Gold and Cream Polyester Micro Velour with Flower button
Lemon and White Cotton Velour with Daisy button
Orange and Gold Cotton Velour with plain button
Red and White Cotton Velour with Heart button
Rose and Salmon Cotton Velour with plain Sparkle button
Snodager Teal and Mint
Teal and Mint Cotton Velour with Heart button


Snodagers are two toned soft sculptured animals who are button jointed and have a pouch on their bellys to collect toys in. Snodagers are clever and fun loving. Each animal is hand made and the only one in stock! If one accidently gets sold twice I will contact the second buyer to suggest a new plan.

Actual size: Height 16 inches (41cm) Width 13 inches (33cm)

Each comes with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity!

$65.00 Plus shipping

(Although great care has been put into sewing on the buttons for eyes and joints securely, it is recommended that they not be purchased for children under the age of three.)

For special orders, contact Marcia at (970) 493-6373 or E-mail:


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