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Marcia’s Menagerie patterns are carefully crafted with clear, and easy-to-follow instructions that contain many illustrations and tips to make construction easier. The instructions also contain Metric conversions for the English measurement. All patterns have UPC bar codes for resale.

Glips are two-toned soft sculptured animals that have a friendly smile and a warm and gentle demeanor.

 Snodagers are two-toned soft sculptured animals who are button-jointed and have a pouch on their belly to collect toys in. Snodagers are clever and fun-loving.

 Wallywogs are a two-toned animals who have a binder clip sewn into their mouth that allows them to bite a tab on their backs holding them in a balled-up position (with an adult's help). Wallywogs use their ability to roll like a ball to have lots of fun.

 (All patterns come with the warning that they are not suitable for children under the age of three due to button eyes and, in the case of Snodagers, also button-joints.)

$6.99 Plus shipping

(Dealer inquires welcome!)

Call: Marcia Ells (970) 493-6373 or E-mail:


I sell Epatterns and baby size Glip, Snodager, and Wallywog Epatterns at my ETSY shop, please visit!

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Glip Pattern Snodager Pattern Wallywog Pattern
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Glips, Snodagers and Wallywogs is a story and coloring book that explains who these lovable animals are and how they spend their nights while children sleep.

 The story is written as a poem, and is intended to be read by an adult as a bedtime story.

 The pages are printed in black-and-white line drawings, on high-quality paper, and ready to be colored to match a child's unique stuffed animal, or as a child sees beauty. A new book can always be obtained as a child's artistic ability changes. Or perhaps an older child or adult can beautifully color the book for the special little one. Marcia’s Menagerie is a company that believes in imagination, we give you permission to use yours!

 Actual size is 8 1/2 X 11 inch ( 21.5 X 28 cm )

Back cover has ISBN number and bar code for resale.

$6.99 Plus shipping

(Dealer inquires Welcome!)

Call: Marcia Ells (970) 493-6373 or E-mail:


I sell Ebooks in my ETSY shop please visit!

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Glips, Snodagers and Wallywogs
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