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About Marcia


I, Marcia, the namesake of Marcia’s Menagerie, am a 1982 Graduate of Colorado State University with a Bachelor degree of Science in General Textiles and Clothing. Being unsure what career to pursue after graduating, I started working in a place where I loved to spend my time, and money: Foothills Fabrics. The creative energy in this charming little fabric store was great, and I felt right at home letting my creativity run free.

During the six and a half years of employment in this small Fort Collins store, the Glip, the first of my stuffed animals was created while redirecting the energy from a ended relationship into a creative project that just seemed to materialize effortlessly from a place of joyous inspiration. The other employees told me to keep going, and the ideas for the Snodager and the story began.

However the latter two concepts did not come as easily as the Glip, and soon the fabric store closed. A new job as a tailor for a pricey men's store took the place of the creative energy and the Glip and Snodager were forgotten for several years in the back of my closet.

One day while walking with one of my close friends and talking about dream jobs, I realized I did have a dream career. That was designing stuffed animals and writing children's stories. So after being in the closet for at least ten years, the Glip and the beginning attempts at the Snodager where dug out so I could work on them again. The time and energy it would take to finish this project, however, always seemed to be used up by what felt like endless alterations.

After fifteen years with J. Pitner Clothing Co., that store also disappeared. With a small amount of savings, and a brand-new nephew for my inspiration, I happily pursued my dream.

In the next year, the Wallywog would be taken from an idea to reality and the stubborn little Snodager would finally materialize after I got quiet and listened to a creative impulse that told me to shape the body like that of a sea horse.

With the stuffed animals now in prototypes and the writing of the story completed, the task of illustrating a book began.

First Prototypes
First Prototypes

I decided to illustrate with line drawings that could be colored later by children to match the stuffed animals they received.

Now more than a year had passed and, being uncertain about what I should do next with all my pencil sketches, a new man with a computer that had way-cool programs on it entered my life, and a relationship began. Voila! With this man's help I had a cute little story and coloring book, plus some computer skills I never knew I needed.

Like jobs, men also disappear, it would seem that my dream wasn't working out quite the way I had carefully planned it. Next thing I knew I found myself back in a fabric store, where the creative energy was great and the women were nurturing.

Around this time I decided to create a small pattern company with my stuffed-animal designs and with my decision, the aforementioned man who wanted to get rid of his old computer that had all the way-cool programs, gave it to me.

Like men, jobs disappear, and Hancock Fabrics downsized and closed their Fort Collins store after a little more than a year of keeping me busy.

Unencumbered by a job once more, but with a renewed spirit from the fabric store, creating a pattern company would became my new goal.

Once the pattern company was finished, naturally my next job became learning how to build this website, and boy did that old computer ever come in handy!

Well I'm done with this part of the project, plus had a great time doing it, and I'm very grateful to all the people who gave their help along the way. This is where the "About Marcia" comes to an end, for now!

Enjoy the site!

Marcia and Menagerie

Marcia and the menagerie

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