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Welcome to Marcia’s Menagerie

If you are not yet familiar with Glips, Snodagers and Wallywogs, you now find yourself at the Official Web Site!

These delightful, nocturnal creatures come out to play at night while little children are sleeping. Which of course means that while little children are playing during the day, Glips, Snodagers and Wallywogs must be sleeping.

In order for children and these adorable creatures to play together, I have created their images in soft cuddly stuffed animals that can be made by you, or adopted from several that I have lovingly created.

Because enjoying plush animals requires a certain amount of creative imagination, I have written a storybook that is also a coloring book, designed for that special child that receives the toy to personally color to match their unique animal. The bedtime story inside is intended to generate pleasant dreams when read by an adult who loves them very much!


Marcia Ells


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